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Model KU-130
Suitable for screws making low-carbo steel screws under gauged #10 (M5 screws)
Main Motor 5HP (3.75kW), 6 pole, three-phase induction motor (Siemens)
Inverter 5.5kW, Sanken(or Fuji), made in Japan
Bowl Vibrator 620mm, bowl style (standard equipment)
Capability #4(thread dia. 3.0mm) ~ #10(thread dia. 5mm) screws, point No.1~No.3, screw length:9.5mm~130mm
Working Speed 100~600 pcs per minute (depends on screw size, length, & feeding adjustment)
Lubricant Pump 1/2HP (0.4kW), 4P; single oil tank
Vibrator Lifting Motor 1/2HP(0.4kW), 4P
Action Controller Mitsubishi PLC (Program Logical Controller)
With HMI (Human-Machine Interface) for easier operation
Brake Device Air-Clutch Brake (rear) + Air-Disc Brake (front)
Machine N.W. 2,100 KGS
Machine Dimension 165(w) x 195(d) x 165(h) CM

For the sake of improvement, we reserve the right to change the designs & specifications without notice.